Art insurance companies

Find the best one among art insurance companies here at DanceSurance, where we have the main goal is to help performing artists and professionals in similar brands ensure they can complete their professional activities as supposed to, not having to worry about external factors and the way they affect their business. In order to cover the expectations of our clients when it comes to the duties of art insurance companies, our insurance program provides coverage for art companies either at fixed locations or those that tour.

Our program is truly flexible, enough to cover any number of tours or shows during the policy term. The program may also be utilized for small shows with a single actor up or larter projects from larger art insurance companies. From the smaller projects that may need a program that successfully covers all your expectations regarding insurance for theatre productions to larger scale, there is always the potential of personal harm and property damage.

By selecting DanceSurance to provide you with the type of coverage you need from one of the top art insurance companies, you will be trusting a team of experts with over 50 years of experience in the field and the knowledge required to assist our clients’ needs properly. Give us a call so you can meet the team and learn all the details about our packages related to art insurance for companies, we will be glad to assist you. We make sure you can have peace of mind knowing that if a member of the public or your class deems you liable for an injury or damaged property, you will be covered.

Trust our superior service if you want to optimise activities and feel safe about what you are doing.