Cheerleading insurance

When it comes to insuring cheer gyms, cheerleaders and trainers, we are the leaders in Australia. Here at DanceSurance, we understand how important it is to offer safety to your clients in order to complete your activities properly and rest assured knowing your assets, the integrity of your business, and any professionals working at it, are covered.  What do you consider an appropriate cheerleading insurance package? What really needs to be covered? And what about your special programs? From general liability to business income coverage, you will be happy to select DanceSurance, due to our superior knowledge, helpfulness, and customizable plans available.


For over 50 years, DanceSurance has been providing specialised coverage to help keep your cheer gym on its feet. We know insurance and we know your business, so we can help you create the right kind of coverage and keep your assets and your business’s reputation protected. DanceSurance also provides you with access to information on current safety practices and loss control tips. We all know that things happen, and having insurance coverage for your business activities can help reduce the financial impacts to you on covered losses. Whether it’s liability insurance in the event of injuries or unintentional damage done to your property, you need cheerleading insurance packages designed to help meet the needs of your cheer gym.


Dueto the experience we have accumulated at DanceSurance, we can guarantee we have a professional and friendly team ready to offer you superior cheerleading insurance packages with the best approach to customers you can find. DanceSurance also offers coverages for qualified camps and clinics that may be offered at your facility. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our cheerleading insurance packages and how they can improve your activities consistently.