Pilates instructor insurance

Welcome to DanceSurance, we are the best place to go when you need to find a dedicated pilates instructor insurance provider.

Whilst there are many insurance products available to purchase on the internet, without discussing your requirements with a highly qualified broker, you may find yourself with gaps in your policy and a claim being declined by the insurer in which you would need to pay for the legal costs yourself. We stand out as a different business when it comes to providing Australians with the best type of pilates instructor insurance.

DanceSurance is a proudly Australian owned and operated business that offers the best possible offer that any pilates instructor looking for insurance will find. We have over 50 years of experience, since our business started its operations as the main choice among insurance providers, born from the need of dancers, yoga instructors, pilates professionals, and other performance experts, to feel safe knowing they are covered from accidents. As the number 1 pilates instructor insurance providers, we offer a professional indemnity policy that will not only protect your business, but also any principal, employee, director, partner or related entity whilst acting within the scope of their duties.

We understand legal costs related to this kind of accident can even drive your business to bankruptcy, so we help you stay ahead of any kind of situation by hiring our superior yoga instructor insurance plan. We take pride in being the number one provider of superior pilates instructor insurance packages as well as other insurance packages, always understanding the needs of our clients in depth and helping them achieve the type of result they need. Speaking to us today, our team of experts will be glad to offer you more information about our pilates instructor insurance packages.