Pole dance insurance

It is not a secret that pole dancing is a physically demanding sport which requires agility, strength and flexibility. Like many other physical activities, probably all of them, it’s possible to be injured due to an accident, and this may stop your production process and even affect your income. If you own an academy, you need to keep in mind that someone in your care could slip and hurt themselves, blaming you for their injuries and making a compensation claim against you. That’s when our service here at DanceSurance came in. We are here to offer you the best pole dance insurance packages and make sure you can protect your business from any kind of accident or unwanted event that threatens its stability.

DanceSurance tailored pole dance insurance package makes sure you are well-protected if this happens, and also provides protection against personal injury and equipment loss, theft and damage. We totally comprehend that pole dancing moves have to be executed with pinpoint precision. Not being precise means a participant could land awkwardly and hurt either themselves or someone else, or even damage third party property. You can count on our expertise and the superior pole dance insurance packages we offer in case you are hit with a costly compensation claim.

Our pole dance insurance package is completely designed to limit your legal accountability if this happens. We make sure you can have peace of mind knowing that if a member of the public or your class deems you liable for an injury or damaged property, you will be covered. We are here to help you any day, so if you want more detailed information about our pole dance insurance packages, we will be proud to help you, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, our friendly team is ready to assist you.